Core values

Dignity and respect – Transparency and Honesty - Professionalism – Empathy -Equality and Inclusion


A vibrant, healthy, sustainable and resilient community living in a prosperous and stable social and economic environment.


To change and improve the socio-economic status of disadvantaged people through different actions.


Gender program

 HIV-Prevention among adolescents Adolescent Sexual reproductive health andrights education Family planning Access to health services Nutritional trainings Hygiene and…

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Sustainable Livelihoods program

 Vocational skills training Cross border trade Agro pastoral farming Distribution of small livestock to farmers Financial /entrepreneurship training

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Good governance and Human Rights program

- Active citizen’s participation in decisionmaking at decentralized levels- Capacity building for local leaders ongovernance- Capacity building for CSOs on…

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Mission of Hope Rwanda (MOHR) is a non-governmental organization established in 2001 by the late Rev Cleveland Irons under Ministerial order N0 123/11 of 9 th October
2006 grating legal entity to the Association “Mission of Hope Rwanda” (MOHR) and agreeing its legal representatives.